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Code of Federal Regulations


Our offers are allowed under the latest US rule (OFAC License) for US citizens.

Our offer complies with several points of § 515.560 for persons subject to the jurisdiction of the USA.

All legal information can be found at Code of Federal Regulations, Title 31st, latest version dated 7/11/2023. link:

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§ 515.560a-3. Journalistic Activities
(see also § 515.563)

Our agency transports foreign journalists who are engaged in their normal journalistic activities. In the past, we have assisted airlines and travel magazines with their work on several occasions, as well as U.S. TV stations that have reported on points of interest in Cuba.

§ 515.560a-6. - Religious activities
(see also § 515.565).

Our agency offers a Havana-related tour for Jewish people. Here, we promote, among other things, contact with the Jewish community in Havana.

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§ 515.560a-8. - Support for the Cuban people (see also § 515.574)

Our agency is private, with active private help from entrepreneurs from Germany, France, and Canada. Since 2017, our agency has been promoting (by existence alone) the development of the private economy in Cuba. Only small private entrepreneurs drive in our agency. Vehicles of state Cuban agencies are NOT mediated by us.
Our agency is therefore in direct competition with the Cuban state agencies. All income from our agency goes to the small private entrepreneurs (owners of the classic cars, private tour guides) and to the Cuban operator.

§ 515.560a-9. - Humanitarian projects (see also § 515.575)

Our agency transports, free of charge, supplies from international aid organizations engaged in humanitarian projects. These include educational projects, aid to the disabled, general medical projects, and non-political projects for children.

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