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Our tour program

Havana City Tours


We offer you the 5 best Havana city tours. Guests who are in Havana for the first time get a tour with a first-class overview of the highlights of Havana. 


We are the only provider of tour guides provided in 9 different languages and can offer the top Classic Cars in Havana.

Day tours from Havana


Drive with a first-class Classic Car to the most beautiful places in the tobacco-growing area "Valley of Vinales", to the most beautiful beaches  to Varadero and to the most beautiful national parks in Cuba. Our tours will give you the experience of the authentic life of the Cubans!

4 day tour


On a 4 day tour you will experience the most beautiful regions of Central Cuba. You will see the Zapata National Park as well as the Caribbean cities of Cienfuegos and Trinidad. In Central Cuba you will visit the towns of Santa Clara, Matanzas and the dream beaches of Varadero.

Important Note

We have the best statistics in Cuba. In 96% of the cases we send the selected car. Our booking system ensures that a car cannot be booked twice at the same time.

Our cars are between 55 and 80 years old. Please understand that we will exchange a car of your choice if there is a technical problem with the car at time of booking. Your safety is very important to us. In case of an exchange - which is very rare -  we will send an equivalent car.

We only accept US Dollars, British Pounds Sterling, Euros and Swiss Francs! The exchange rate is always 1:1.

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