Havana Classic Car Calendar 2020

Are you looking for a unique calendar for the year 2020? We are pleased to introduce our Classic Car Calender with vintage cars from Havana.

Our high-class calendar is the world's only classic car calendar from Havana with different car brands. Photographed in the cityscape of Havana.

Format A3 = 29.7 cm x 42 cm = 11.7 x 16.5 inches

Offset printing about 500g

Last chance to order calendars for only 15.00 EUR (~17USD). Every second calendar in your checkout is 50% off. International shipping starts at only 5.00 EUR.

The photographer - Annie Ehringhaus (Germany)

Of course, we also want to introduce you to the photographer of our calendar.

Annie Ehringhaus is one of the top photographers in Germany. Her passion is actually the photography of weddings and children.

Nevertheless, we also work together with Annie on other projects. She has photographed several calendars for us in the past years. These were e.g. Cheerleader Calendar, American Football Calendar or Custom Bikes Calendar.

Annie was a model herself for years. So she knows what is important in pictures. Of course, Annie's appeal to our drivers has spread very quickly. On the agreed dates were suddenly more cars than we actually wanted to take pictures.

That helped the project, of course. :-)

Here are Annies websites: Wedding and Kids


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